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JScript tricks_v0.9.87

JScript tricks_v0.9.87


This app allows you to inject your own JavaScript or CSS tricks to any page (by domain). You can use nice editor (from CodeMirror), which has nice syntax highlighter. Script and CSS are applied after the page is loaded (document.onload event).

Script and css are injected before DOM creation. Use $(function(){ … }) to start script on DOMReady.

Export/Import scripts to/from text file.
bugs fixed

– auto save to cache + load cache button, separate for CSS and JS
– Automatic JQuery injection,
– custom JavaScript and CSS injection,
– popup to quick edit and apply tricks or selected text only,
– Autostart option,
– Default script for all pages,
– nice options interface,
– F1 JQuery help
– Ctrl+S support,
– Ctrl+Alt+H for hidden tricks!
– Cache to save current code

If you find a bug or need some features just let me know!

Example usage:

1. Search some image with Google Image search.
2. Click on the "JScript Tricks" icon and enter JS code:

// This code replace focused image title on Google Image search results by adding direct link to the picture.

if( location.href.match(/tbm=isch/))
var interval = setInterval("initGL()",300);

function initGL(){

if($("#rg_h").length == 1)
if( $("#mylink").length == 0 )
$("#rg_hta").text(" » "+$("#rg_hta").text());

//—–end is here

3. Remember to save! (Ctrl+S)
4. Now refresh the page or press "Apply" to start script.
5. You can also check "Autostart" option.

In the option tab you can easily edit this entry!

Known Bugs:
– Some CSS cannot be applied correctly. You should use this syntax then:


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JScript tricks_v0.9.87