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Joxi – free screenshot app_v2.0.3

Joxi – free screenshot app_v2.0.3


Joxi: Favorite Screenshot App Made Better

What's new?

1. Added the ability to shoot a fragment of the page with a scroll
2. Added hotkeys
2.1 To take a screenshot of a page fragment or a scrollable fragment Ctrl + Shift + 1
2.2 To screenshot the entire page Ctrl + Shift + 2
3. Developed to support 4K monitors and retina display
4. Improved usability
5. Fixed minor bugs


An ultra-fast application for screenshots in a browser with page scrolling, screenshot editing, easy sending to the "cloud" and social networks and friendly management.

Page scroll
Instant screenshot of a web page – a fragment or the entire page.

Screenshot with page scroll

Screenshot Editing
Convenient graphical editor – edit right on the spot. In the screenshots you can
● draw arrows and frames, change the color and thickness of lines to draw attention to an important fragment,
● write text to explain the screenshot,
● hide part of the information or blur it, so as not to show others what you do not want,
● number areas to structure information.

Sending and storing files
Quickly send screenshots to the “cloud” and social networks. Free screenshot hosting. Registration is not required. Registered users get 1 GB of free space in the cloud.

Simple operation
After installing the application, the Joxi icon will appear in the Google Chrome toolbar. By clicking on it, you can take a screenshot of the entire page or its fragment. This is faster than you are reading this text.

Joxi – love from the first screenshot.

Take one screenshot to see how convenient it is with Joxi!

版本:2.0.3 用户评分:3.71(5分满分) 此版本下载量:190121

大小:379KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2020年8月2日



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Joxi – free screenshot app_v2.0.3