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J2TEAM Security_v0.1.72

J2TEAM Security_v0.1.72


Protect you from phishing and malware websites with real-time protection technology.

Author: Juno_okyo (The creator of Facebook Protector)

✔️ Real-time protection
✔️ Block malware, phishing and scam websites
✔️ Anti-Clickjacking (hidden like buttons)
✔️ Prevent Self-XSS on Facebook
✔️ Force HTTPS on Blogger/Blogspot

Privacy on Facebook:
✔️ Block the "seen" feature of the chat
✔️ Block the typing indicator of the chat
✔️ Block the typing indicator of comments
✔️ Hide your active time in chat
✔️ Block Facebook Pixel (tracking script)

Extra features:
✔️ Stop Facebook Timeline (on News Feed)
✔️ Show time spend on Facebook
✔️ Dark Theme for Facebook, Google and Youtube
✔️ Test your security settings on Facebook
✔️ Facebook Object Ranking
✔️ Custom your blocklist
✔️ Report abuse websites (from context menus)

… And more useful features incoming!

J2TEAM Security is free to use, but only with your donations can it remain free.

If you like J2TEAM Security and want to help ensure its further development, please consider making a donation:

+ Artworks: Hoang Vu
+ Stylesheet for options page: Neo
+ Facebook Dark Theme: pierO'nMu
+ Google Dark Theme: Nass O

For more information:

Google Analytics Disclaimer:
This extension uses Google Analytics to collect extension usage statistics to help improve user experience. If you want to opt-out of Google Analytics tracking, please visit

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J2TEAM Security_v0.1.72