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InTouchApp Phone Contacts & Data Saver_v4.26.0

InTouchApp Phone Contacts & Data Saver_v4.26.0


InTouchApp for Chrome connects the web to your phone! It helps you save unknown numbers & other data from chat apps (WhatsApp, etc.), LinkedIn, Gmail, or any other website to your phone contacts instantly. In addition, you can easily call any number you see on a website with just a click. See a nice photo of one of your contacts? Just right click and instantly save it as their profile pic!

Why save to phone contacts?: It makes it easy to communicate with a person via phone call, text message (SMS), WhatsApp, Telegram, InTouchApp, Messenger or any other app that works off your phone contacts.

WhatsApp Tip: If you get enquiries from customers on WhatsApp, they show up as "unknown numbers". With InTouchApp add-on, you can easily save all these numbers to your phone contacts with one click! Save time and effort and build your customer database properly. Every customer counts! Do not miss!

– WhatsApp Web: Save all unknown numbers from incoming chats to phone contacts with one click
– WhatsApp Web: Save all unknown contacts from groups to phone contacts with one click
– WhatsApp Web: Save profile pictures to phone contacts
– GMail: Save any sender as phone contact
– LinkedIn: Save contact info on a profile to phone contact including photo, company, title, etc.
– Right click on any image and set as profile picture for the contact
– Select a number and make calls directly via your mobile phone
– Select any text and add as a phone contact
– Add contacts to your phone from the comfort of your PC or Mac

FEATURES (Coming Soon):
– Save data from websites into a private space on your phone for quick access on the go
– Share content from websites directly with your contacts
– Your Idea! (Got a neat idea to make this even more useful? write to us at – we are all ears!)

GETTING STARTED: Install InTouchApp on your mobile phone from your phone's app store (available for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc.), or by visiting from your phone.

ABOUT INTOUCHAPP: Your phone contacts is your most important network – InTouchApp helps you build and maintain these contacts over time so you never lose touch or forget anyone! InTouchApp is a powerful, universal contacts manager that ensures you have a single, clean contact list accessible everywhere you need your contacts.

WhatsApp, GMail, LinkedIn are registered trademarks of respective companies in the U.S. and other countries. This add-on is an independent product developed by Volare Technologies Pvt Ltd and has no relationship to any of those companies.

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InTouchApp Phone Contacts & Data Saver_v4.26.0