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Inbox When Ready for Gmail™_v1.5.5

Inbox When Ready for Gmail™_v1.5.5


This extension hides your Gmail inbox by default, so you can search your archive or compose messages *without getting distracted*.


P.S. When you actually want to see your inbox, press "Show Inbox".

### Why would I use this?

If you're into batch processing or the Pomodoro focus technique, this extension will probably make sense to you.

If you're okay being frequently interrupted, or you have a job that obliges you to deal with new email very quickly, this extension probably isn't for you.

### What about my privacy?

The extension requests the minimum permission it requires in order to add the "show / hide" inbox feature to Gmail. The extension does not and never will read your emails or other personal data.

The full terms and privacy policy are available on the extension website:

### Does it work on Inbox by Gmail?

Yes, the extension supports both classic Gmail and Inbox by Gmail.

### Support, feature requests and contributions

Please email

### How is this different from the Inbox Pause extension?
The main difference: Inbox When Ready hides your entire inbox by default, while Inbox Pause by Boomerang only hides new incoming mail.

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Inbox When Ready for Gmail™_v1.5.5