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ImprovedTube for YouTube_v1.4.8

ImprovedTube for YouTube_v1.4.8


Some Youtube layout and features can be enhanced. Set Youtube up how you like it today and enjoy it for years. With us you have 42+ useful features to use with Youtube, to make your Youtube experience a whole lot better and save you a lot of clicks and time. ImprovedTube is free and open-source. Many unique functions can only be found here. To list a few:
✓ Youtube Video Description: Expand always.
✓ Youtube Player Size
✓ Expand Youtube Video to full Window width
✓ Default Youtube Video Quality always (VGA full-HD 4k 8k 720p 480p 240p 320p 1080p, 30 fps 60fps Framerate) to match your Screen and Internet bandwidth
✓ Speed up Youtube and Save CPU/electric power: H.264 codec (H264 encoding is Faster, more efficient than VP8 VP9 on most GPU built before 2016)

Hide Youtube Elements:
✓ Remove Related Youtube Videos ✓ Remove Youtube Header ✓ Hide Youtube Annotations ✓ Hide Youtube Comments

Extra Player Buttons (optional): *Buttons work in embedded Youtube player now*
✓ Loop (Repeat Youtube videos) ✓ "Screenshot" (Save current Youtube Video Frame) ✓ …
✓ Default Youtube Playback Speed *works in embedded Youtube players now,*
✓ Default Youtube Volume Level *in Youtube videos on Facebook and everywhere*
✓ Youtube Auto-Play: always on/off ✓ Youtube "Up Next" always on/off
✓ Youtube Playlist Auto-Play: always on/off

✓ Mini Player for Youtube (when scrolling down)
✓ Pop-out Player for Youtube (you can set "always-on-top" in your OS)

✓ Schedule better viewing at night
✓ Black Youtube theme / Dark Youtube theme
✓ Blue-light filter for Youtube (Preserve sleep-iness)
✓ Display dim / dimming for Youtube

✓ Applies many settings live on Youtube (without reloading) *new*
✓ New, easier menu, including touchscreen users, without much more pixel space.
✓ Future-proof, often works with the next Youtube already.
✓ Old legacy menu style remains (Does anyone use Forced Youtube Flash player though still?)
✓ And many more features for Youtube

With ImprovedTube is lightweight. You can expect all normal YouTube functions and features to work as expected. We also care about your privacy. Unlike many other extensions out there, we only request access to We can't care about what video you watch, we just care that you are enjoying them with our extension and that you save time.

Notice An Issue?
If you notice any issue, require support, or want a new feature please go to our Support Page. Please do not voice your issues in the Review section until after you try contacting us about the issue. We will work on resolving the issue to make your experience with ImprovedTube a 5/5 star experience.
You can get to the support page either through our extensions options page or you can visit our website directly at to contact us.
(Please contact specifically: or )

Official Accounts and Links
• Twitter: @ImprovedTube

We are not affiliated with YouTube or an official YouTube extension. This extension is independently developed since 2012 for use with YouTube.

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ImprovedTube for YouTube_v1.4.8