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IEability – Open in IE_v2.20.0.1

IEability – Open in IE_v2.20.0.1


IEability is a wonderful Chrome extension which allows you to open in IE, allowing you to at least stick to only one browser.

IEability uses the IE (Internet Explorer) rendering engine to simulate IE in Chrome and open web pages in IE tab mode, open IE tab just like using Chrome tab.

This is the most popular and powerful IE emulator. Support multiple browsing modes, such as IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11.


* Automatic cookie synchronization, seamless switching between chrome and ie mode, to avoid repeated logins.

* Old version website support, backward compatible with IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE11.

* Sharepoint, ActiveX, Silverlight? Run them seamlessly and transparently in Chrome without switching browsers.

* Developer tools support, you can use native IE (Internet Explorer) developer tools to debug scripts

!!!!!!Please note that IEability for Windows requires the use of a separate executable file, ieability.exe. You can learn more about this in the FAQ below.


1. Why do I have to install ieability.exe?

IEability uses the Internet Explorer rendering engine. This rendering engine cannot be accessed directly from the Chrome extension, so we need a helper to talk between the Chrome extension and the rendering engine.

2. Is the ieability.exe safe?

Absolutely safe! IEability has always used native code, and we have always attached great importance to user security. The software package has passed (Microsoft, Kaspersky, Malwarebytes, BitDefender, Symantec, 360, Tencent Butler) security certification. You can rest assured that this helper executable file is safe and reliable.

virustotal scan result defails:

3. Is the ieability extra program always required?

Yes. Starting with Chrome 43, Chrome no longer supports the NPAPI, so we were forced to implement a new solution that required a separate helper executable that communicates with Chrome and implements all the features of Internet Explorer, more information:

4. What is the installation location of ieability.exe?

c:Users(your computer name)AppDataLocalieabilityieability.exe

5. Why you need a license code?

Basic features are free, if you need to unlock advanced features you need to purchase a license

The Privacy Policy for the IEability extension can be found here:

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IEability – Open in IE_v2.20.0.1