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Hunter X Hunter Wallpaper HD NewTab HxH Theme_v0.1.6.3

Hunter X Hunter Wallpaper HD NewTab HxH Theme_v0.1.6.3


Install the extension to get HD wallpapers of Hunter X Hunter everytime you open a new tab.

For those who love Hunter X Hunter, like me, I've created this HXH NewTab extension. Have fun! 🙂

– Select your favourite wallpaper from many available HXH wallpapers. Shuffle all Hunter X Hunter pictures (randomized background images) or Shuffle your favorite Hunter X Hunter themes only. More HD wallpapers of Hunter X Hunter will be added soon.
– Check Date & Time instantly with a digital clock in Chrome new tab themes.
– Weather indicator, current weather status is displayed directly in Chrome new tab themes.
– Search with Google in the Chrome new tab themes.
– Images are included, make it loads faster. Work offline (the addon does not download anything when you open a new tab).

UPDATE 0.1.4:
– Added "Most Visited sites" to menu for quick navigation.
– Allow users to mark images as favorite, shuffle all images or shuffle favorite images only.
– New weather indicator service which is much better and more accurate.
– Allow users to switch between 12 hours and 24 hours format, switch between Celsius & Fahrenheit temperature.
– Simple & clean theme, more stunning HD pictures were added.

UPDATE 0.1.3:
– Bug-fixes and UI/UX improvements.
– Easier to change theme and shuffle images.
– Faster New Tab loading time.
– Weather indicator can be turned on/off.

How to uninstall:
– Right-click on the icon of the extension and choose "Remove from Chrome".

Visit our homepage for more wallpapers and themes:

The extension was made by fans, for fans. We are not affiliated with or sponsored by the entity whose materials are represented in this extension.

ABOUT Hunter X Hunter:
– Hunter X Hunter (HXH) (Japanese: ハンター×ハンター Hepburn: Hantā Hantā?) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi. HXH has been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine and journal since March 3, 1998, although HXH manga has frequently gone on extended hiatuses since 2006. As of June 2016, 350 chapters have been collected into 33 volumes by Shueisha. Hunter X Hunter's story focuses on a young boy named Gon Freecss, who discovers that his father, who he was told was dead, is actually alive and a world-renowned Hunter, a licensed profession for those who specialize in fantastic pursuits such as locating rare or unidentified animal species, treasure hunting, surveying unexplored enclaves, or hunting down lawless individuals. Despite being abandoned by his father, Gon departs upon a journey to follow in his footsteps, pass the rigorous Hunter Examination, and eventually find his father. Along the way, Gon meets various other Hunters and also encounters the paranormal. The original inspiration for Hunter X Hunter came from Togashi's own collecting hobby.
– In 1999, Hunter X Hunter was adapted into a 62-episode anime television series produced by Nippon Animation and directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi. The Hunter X Hunter anime premiered on Japan's Fuji TV and ran until 2001. Three separate original video animations (OVAs) totaling 30 episodes were subsequently produced by Nippon Animation and released in Japan from 2002 to 2004. A second Hunter X Hunter anime television series by Madhouse aired on Nippon Television from October 2011 to September 2014, with two animated theatrical Hunter X Hunter films released in 2013. There are also numerous audio albums, video games, musicals, and other media based on Hunter X Hunter. The Hunter X Hunter manga has been translated into English and released in North America by Viz Media since April 2005. Both Hunter X Hunter television series were also licensed by Viz, with the first Hunter X Hunter series having aired on the Funimation Channel in 2009 and the second Hunter X Hunter series premiering on Adult Swim's Toonami block since April 16, 2016.
– Hunter X Hunter has been a huge critical and financial success and has become one of Shueisha's best-selling manga series, having sold 66 million copies in Japan alone as of 2014.

Hunter X Hunter FACTS:
– The infamous hunter Hisoka in Hunter X Hunter has his Nen abilities are named after his favorite candy and chewing gum brands.
– Mariya Ise voiced for both Romeo Conbolt in Fairy Tail and Killua in Hunter X Hunter.
– The descendent of Hunter X Hunter's assassin family: Killua has his name combined between English word "Kill" (Kiru) and Japanese word "Killer" (Kira".
– Hunters in Hunter X Hunter may hunt their fellow hunters, except for those who have committed atrocities.
– In Hunter X Hunter, a person who becomes Hunter will forever be known as Hunter.

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Hunter X Hunter Wallpaper HD NewTab HxH Theme_v0.1.6.3