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HostAdmin App_v1.5.0.1

HostAdmin App_v1.5.0.1


HostAdmin Chrome port (App Version)

Saving your time when you switch domain-ip mapping between different environment

Firefox Version

HostAdmin is a Firefox Addon , that helps you modify the Hosts file , switch domain-ip mapping. HostAdmin can understand your Hosts file via a enhanced Hosts file syntax.

In additional, HostAdmin refresh your DNS cache automaticlly whenever you change your Hosts file, even manually.

How does HostAdmin analyze the Hosts file
IP DOMAIN [#COMMENT] localhost #comment here

when comment is 'hide' (case-insensitive), that line would not display in menu.


#==== Project 1
# localhost1 localhost2 localhost3

#==== Project 2
# localhost1
# localhost2
# localhost3

Syntax detail

Switching Hosts using HostAdmin
By using HostAdmin to switch Hosts, the Hosts need to be written access.
XP users need NO additional setting
Here is a guide for you to gain write privilege for Vista/7/Linux users

Switch Hosts Manually
The Hosts might be switched manually
If they do so
HostAdmin will refresh DNS immediately


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HostAdmin App_v1.5.0.1