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Hippo Video – Screen Video Recorder & Editor_v2.9.1

Hippo Video – Screen Video Recorder & Editor_v2.9.1


Hippo Video is one stop solution for all your 🎥video needs.

Hippo Video is a free, quick, and simple plugin for screen recorder and video recorder. Hippo Video works great with Chromebooks.

Hippo Video covers the whole lifecycle of all things videos. Here is the detailed features list:

🎥Record/ Import Videos
✔ Create videos with all three options: Video, MIC and Screen recorder
✔ Create videos from images using our free stock image library or upload your own images.
✔ Use GIF maker to create gifs from videos. This is helpful in creating video summaries in GIF format.
✔ Use markup tools to focus, highlight, and mark any part of the video in the screen recorder
✔ Create videos directly inside Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Classroom and Gmail.

✂️Powerful Online Video Editor
✔ Hippo Video comes with two editing options – Quick edit for novices and Pro edit for power users
✔ Edit your video with edit options like trim, crop, add callouts, emojis, and tags
✔ Blur or mask a part of your video to hide the confidential info on the screen
✔ Edit videos directly from Google Drive with Hippo Video’s advanced video editor
✔ Import and narrate/record audio/video clips advance editor
✔ Stitch and join clips in advance editor and create a wholesome video
✔ Add intro and end cards to the videos to create personalized videos

📬Organize & Share*
✔ Create catalogs, categories or folders to organize your videos
✔ Link share your video via email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn
✔ Use embed code to embed your video to your blog, websites or in help documents, etc.
✔ Protect your video with a password.
✔ Set an expiry date for the shared video link
✔ Upload the created videos to YouTube channel, Vimeo, Google Drive, or Wistia

✔ Customize the player to themes that suit your website color scheme. Add your logo to the player and the video page
✔ Serve videos directly from your domain using our SSL enabled custom domain option

✔ Invite your colleagues and collaborate to create videos with your team without any hassle.
✔ Assign roles and permissions to your colleagues.

⏳Timeline Actions
✔ Add lead generation form on your video and get their details
✔ Create a poll on video and get your viewer feedback
✔ Create a playlist at the end of your video and much more

✔ Deliver more engaging videos to your viewers by enabling the Discussions around your video
✔ Enable reactions and let your viewers share their love on the video

✔ See the engagement graph on your video and see where they are dropping and optimize your video for better engagement
✔ Find the geolocation of your viewers
✔ Check which medium of sharing works best for your videos

📝Collect Reviews/ Testimonials
✔ Share a link with your users and ask them to give reviews or share their thoughts on a subject or record a issues etc. and share with you without them signing up with Hippo Video
✔ Collect testimonials from your customers

🎦Embeddable Recording Button
✔ Hippo Video provides JS APIs for embedding a recording button anywhere on your website/blogs/forums or forming for your users to record video and share with you.

✔ Hippo Video comes with contextual integrations with many tools you use daily basis for your work like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Slack, Jira, Trello, etc. and Google Classroom

Why Hippo Video scores over other screen recording and video recording tools?

Hippo Video is an online video software designed for the quick and simple creation of videos. You don’t have to be an expert at creating videos because Hippo Video’s interface is very intuitive and straightforward. Hippo Video comes with some fundamental and advanced edit options as well.

Hippo Video is a light but powerful solution for universities, schools, teachers, and students which provides the best video recorder and screen capture.

👩🏻‍🏫Teachers/Educators can
✔ Record videos inside Google Classroom
✔ Record Google Slides video
✔ Add videos inside D2L Brightspace LMS
✔ Record tutorials
✔ Create whiteboard explainer videos
✔ Create tutorial video
✔ Record documents
✔ Create educational videos
✔ Record classroom lectures
✔ Create videos inside Google docs
✔ Create presentation inside Google Slides

✔ Record video assignments
✔ Make a video presentation
✔ Create demo videos
✔ Create assignments inside Google docs

💰Sales & Support:
Hippo Video integrates with helpdesk software like Freshdesk, Zendesk, Intercom and Salesforce Service Cloud.
With Hippo Video in support, you can create
✔ Explainer Videos
✔ How-To Videos
✔ Solution Videos
✔ Training Videos
✔ Customer Testimonials
✔ Share insights
✔ Allow customers to raise video tickets of the issues they face

👨🏻‍💻Account Managers:
Video is an excellent format for sales and advertising. It perfectly captures the attention of your potential customers.
✔ Record video to share Sales insights gained in deal wins and losses
✔ Quickly create loom video demos of a product feature to win a deal
✔ Share sales strategy through videos
✔ Build impressive product demo videos
✔ Share sales best practices as videos
✔ Product updates training as videos for Channel Partners

Video is already the big thing in the market. Marketing has moved from text to infographics to videos right now. Ride on the wave by creating
✔ Product demo videos
✔ Brand communication videos
✔ Send personalized videos for lead generation
✔ Create video email campaigns
✔ Webinars

✍🏻Corporate Training
Use Hippo Video to
✔ Create explainer videos
✔ Create training videos
✔ Practice sales assessment test
✔ Create product demo video

Designers for giving feedback and design walkthroughs.
1. Capture detailed user experiences
2. Track facial reactions on webcam
3. Find and demonstrate bugs with videos

What our customers say about us

“We have checked, tested and now loving it to the core. Hippo is best in its class. Trust me when I say it is better that the combined Loom, Cloudapp, Screencastify and many more similar. Hippo is a beast.” – Suvran Roy, Co-Founder, Ethicaleads (Digital Marketing Agency)

“Hippo Video is my go-to tool for sending visual support videos to clients, intro-videos to new prospects, and cross-team project communication. I've tried almost all the alternatives, and Hippo Video has proven the most versatile for myself and my team.” – Paul Lacey, CEO, The Dickiebirds Studio

“Hippo Video is a tool that needs to be in every marketer's toolbox. We used Loom, Cloudapp, Screencastify but nothing comes to be so intuitive and well thought out as Hippo Video.” – Vitaliy M, Director, Buzztactix


Hippo Video is the best video recorder and screen recorder. Why restrict an ultra-flexible product to niche markets? Hippo Video is for everyone. Create all types of videos with Hippo Video and make the most of it. Go ahead and start crafting great videos!

In order to make Hippo Video the best video recorder and screen recorder, feel free to write your feedback at

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Hippo Video – Screen Video Recorder & Editor_v2.9.1