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Highlight This: finds and marks words in text_v3.4

Highlight This: finds and marks words in text_v3.4


– No registration required
– Organize your search words in groups and lists
– All data stored locally
– Auto-refreshes highlights on page reload and content changes
– Unlimited words and lists
– Free

Easy to use Chrome Extension that automatically searches for defined words in the current browser tab and marks them in a text. Many more advanced features available through settings:
– Create color-coded keyword lists
– Disable highlighting on certain sites
– Export or import your settings and keyword lists

** New in 3.4
– Words keep their sequence
– Find words and word lists
– Context menu shows order of wordlist on date modified

** Fixed in 3.3.5
– Fixed an issue with incorrect colouring

** New in 3.3
– Set wildcards (?,*) in words
– Backup and restore your words
– Define foreground color
– Define sites on which the highlight should occur

** Fixed in 3.3
– Highlighting of text including special characters

** Define words **
Easily specify words and phrases you want to be highlighted.

** Highlighting **
Highlights the words and phrases on the page
Shows how many words have been highlighted

** Works on Ajax pages **
The extension detects changes to the page and re-highlights the words.

版本:3.4 用户评分:4.12(5分满分) 此版本下载量:5476

大小:82.16KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2017年6月10日



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Highlight This: finds and marks words in text_v3.4