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HelpfreelyApp™ – Donation Reminder_v5.1.9

HelpfreelyApp™ – Donation Reminder_v5.1.9

介绍 – 用户可以通过网上购物为他们喜爱的非政府组织筹集资金,无需额外费用 faciliates free fundraising that benefits nonprofits, associations, and any other eligible organizations (“Cause”), made possible by the online purchases of products or services that supporters of these Causes complete while shopping at participating merchant partners (“Partner”) through our Helpfreely App™. This software works as a reminder, appearing when you are visiting our partner shops. Its functions include enhancing your experience within search engine results, providing easy access to the Services offered through, and enabling you to help raise funds at no cost to you for your selected causes through your “Qualifying Purchases”.

Downloading the Helpfreely App explicitly implies you accept the terms of our End User License Agreement “EULA” disponible at

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作者:offered by Help Freely Foundation


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HelpfreelyApp™ – Donation Reminder_v5.1.9