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Guru _v2.39.66

Guru _v2.39.66


Guru is reinventing the way you share sales knowledge and assets with your team, providing access to verified information from experts on your team; where you work and when you need it most.

Layer of Knowledge

Whether you are on a call, or in your CRM, Guru is a Chrome Extension that lives where your sales reps work. Think of Guru as a layer of knowledge on top of the applications your sales reps live in daily, so your team can access knowledge such as product features, Q&A, competitive info, proposal responses, and new hire onboarding materials right at their fingertips.


As your business evolves, so does your knowledge. Stale content is a thing of the past with Guru’s verification workflow, which is built in to ensure that experts are always providing your team with timely, accurate information. Simple color coding gives your sales team at a-glance status on when the last date this piece of information was verified.


Connect your business apps to Guru and create context-specific suggestions for your team. No more endless searching. Guru surfaces knowledge when and where you need it.

Using as one example, as a rep configures an opportunity and indicates fields like industry or competitor, Guru will assemble the case studies and competitor positioning you want your reps to use.

Guru Context will work with any website or app opened in Chrome, so if your team needs knowledge in the apps or webpages they use, you can use Guru Context to surface that knowledge right in their workflow.


During daily sales activities, allow sales reps to direct questions to experts on your team and those answers are instantly shared to the entire sales team for learning and re-use.

We will soon be embedded into several other apps as well, resulting in a single source of knowledge available everywhere your sales team works.

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Guru _v2.39.66