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Groove for Gmail™_v7.4.77

Groove for Gmail™_v7.4.77


This Chrome Extension only works if Groove is installed in your Salesforce org. Learn more at

Switching between Salesforce and your Gmail or Google calendar to make updates is tedious and time-consuming. With Groove's automatic sync, you save time by eliminating manual data entry, and you never have to wonder if your Salesforce records are up-to-date. Let's take a closer look:

✔️ Email Sync: Groove automatically log your inbound and outbound emails in Salesforce so each account is always up-to-date. Choose whether to let users decide which emails to sync, or push all emails to Salesforce in real time.

✔️ Instant Context: Every time you open an email, you will see all the relevant CRM intelligence related to that person and company.

✔️ Auto Signature Capture: You can create contacts with one click and Groove will populate all the fields based on the person's email signature.

✔️ Track Email Opens: Easily understand which customers and prospects are engaging with you and which are not.

✔️ Your Templates in Gmail: Access to all your email templates in Gmail. Easily see which templates are working for your team.

✔️ Calendar Sync: Make sure all of your meetings (yes, including custom fields) are logged in Salesforce with Groove's calendar sync. Similar to email, decide whether to push all meetings to Salesforce or to let users choose which meetings to sync.

✔️ Custom Data Collection: Deliver better insights into how your sales team spends their time. With Groove, you'll know things like how much time they're spending on demos versus support calls, or how many emails are cold prospecting emails versus answering questions about pricing.

Groove is unlike any Salesforce and Gmail/Google Calendar integration you have ever seen. It intelligently displays contextual data and tools from Salesforce in Gmail and is completely configurable to your business. Plus, you don't have to share your email activity or your Salesforce data with a 3rd party.

The configuration of Groove is centrally managed by your Salesforce admin and serves all your departments with profile specific views – so every user obtains only what's relevant to them.

Learn more here:

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Groove for Gmail™_v7.4.77