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Green Turf_v1.35

Green Turf_v1.35


This theme for chrome is the companion of the new "turf" theme for gmail. The two match quite well together and I used the original picture to design this one. Enjoy the green grass styled theme. It is not fully compatible with widescreens yet, but it will be soon!

This theme is optimized for 1366*768 (I.E. my laptop, I have no other screen sizes to test at the moment)


V 1.35 – New Icon and problems with bar in incognito mode.
V 1.31 – Minor Color Changes to improve overall usibility
V 1.29 – Optimized load time for background
V 1.25 – Made theme widescreen to 1920×1080 (have not tested yet….)
V 1.16 – Problems with the previous upload resolved
V 1.15 – Minor toolbar changes to repeat pattern and look prettier
V 1.1 – Fixed part of the theme when chrome not maximized
V 1.0 – Initial Release

版本:1.35 用户评分:4.49(5分满分) 此版本下载量:7317

大小:1.26MiB 此版本最后更新时间:2012年4月5日



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Green Turf_v1.35