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Gravity Falls Wallpaper HD New Tab_v0.1.6.3

Gravity Falls Wallpaper HD New Tab_v0.1.6.3


Install the extension to get HD wallpapers of Gravity Falls everytime you open a new tab.

For those who love Gravity Falls!!, like me, I've created this Gravity Falls New Tab extension. Have fun! 🙂

– Select your favourite wallpaper from many available Gravity Falls wallpapers. Shuffle all Gravity Falls pictures (randomized background images) or Shuffle your favorite Gravity Falls themes only. More HD wallpapers of Gravity Falls characters and other Disney movies and series will be added soon. Such as Gravity Falls Wendy, Gravity Falls Grunkle Stan, Gravity Falls Mabel, Gravity Falls Dipper, Gravity Falls Soos, Gravity Falls Gideon, Gravity Falls Time Baby, Gravity Falls Axolotl, Gravity Falls Bill Cipher, Gravity Falls McGutket, Gravity Falls Blendin Glandin, Gravity Falls Waddles, and more…
– Check Date & Time instantly with a digital clock in Chrome new tab themes.
– Weather indicator, current weather status is displayed directly in Chrome new tab themes.
– Search with Google in the Chrome new tab themes.
– Images are included, make it loads faster. Work offline (the addon does not download anything when you open a new tab).

UPDATE 0.1.4:
– Added """"Most Visited sites"""" to menu for quick navigation.
– Allow users to mark images as favorite, shuffle all images or shuffle favorite images only.
– New weather indicator service which is much better and more accurate.
– Allow users to switch between 12 hours and 24 hours format, switch between Celsius & Fahrenheit temperature.
– Simple & clean theme, more stunning HD pictures were added.

UPDATE 0.1.3:
– Bug-fixes and UI/UX improvements.
– Easier to change theme and shuffle images.
– Faster New Tab loading time.
– Weather indicator can be turned on/off.

How to uninstall:
– Right-click on the icon of the extension and choose """"Remove from Chrome"""".

Visit our homepage for more wallpapers and themes:

The extension was made by fans, for fans. We are not affiliated with or sponsored by the entity whose materials are represented in this extension.

– Gravity Falls is an American animated television series produced by Disney Television Animation originally for Disney Channel (and then later for Disney XD) from June 15, 2012 to February 15, 2016.
– Created by Alex Hirsch, Gravity Falls follows the adventures of Dipper Pines (voiced by Jason Ritter) and his twin sister Mabel (voiced by Kristen Schaal) who are sent to spend the summer with their great-uncle (or "Grunkle") Stan (voiced by Hirsch), in a mysterious town full of paranormal forces and supernatural creatures. The kids help Stan run "The Mystery Shack", the tourist trap that he owns, while also investigating the local mysteries.
– On June 14, 2014, it was confirmed that Gravity Falls Season 2 would premiere on August 1 and on August 4 of the same year on Disney Channel and Disney XD respectively, with most of Gravity Falls season two episodes airing first on Disney XD, as it is considered the new home for Gravity Falls. On November 20, 2015, Hirsch announced that Gravity Falls would finish with its second season, stating that he chose to do it for the show to end with "a real conclusion for the characters". The show culminated with a one-hour finale titled "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back the Falls", that aired on February 15, 2016.
– A 68-hour marathon aired on Disney XD from February 12, 2016, up until the finale on February 15, 2016, with the entire Gravity Falls series airing in order. Due to only having 39 episodes before its airing, Gravity Falls was looped four times to fill the 68-hour slot.
– Hirsch has stated he remains open to continuing Gravity Falls with additional episodes or specials.

– Creator of Gravity Falls, Alex Hirsch is actually a twin himself.
– Grunkle Stan in Gravity Falls was inspired by Alex Hirsch’s grandad.
– There are codes to be deciphered at the end of each Gravity Falls episodes.
– There’s an end credit puzzle in Gravity Falls.
– There are epic guest voice actors in Gravity Falls who only parents will recognize.
– But kids will recognize the voice of Mabel in Gravity Falls from other stuff.
– Gravity Falls creators went to real “mystery” spots.
– There’s an awesome Gravity Falls dog version (in ad form).
– Creator of Gravity Falls, Alex Hirsch also does several voices on the show.
– There are hidden odes to Alex Hirsch all over the place in Gravity Falls.
– You can Google map Gravity Falls.

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Gravity Falls Wallpaper HD New Tab_v0.1.6.3