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Google Analytics Debugger_v2.6

Google Analytics Debugger_v2.6

介绍:通过启用Google Analytics(分析)JavaScript的调试版本,可将有用的信息打印到JavaScript控制台。

This extension loads the debug version of the Google Analytics Javascript for all sites you browse using Google Chrome. It prints useful information to the Javascript console. These messages include error messages and warnings which can tell you when your analytics tracking code is set up incorrectly. In addition, it provides a detailed breakdown of each tracking beacon sent to Google Analytics.

To use this extension, You need to follow three steps:

1. Turn it on by clicking its icon to the right of the address bar.
2. Open the Chrome Javascript console to see the messages.
On Windows and Linux, press Control-Shift-J.
On Mac, press Command-Option-J.
3. Refresh the page you are on.

By installing this extension, you agree to the Chrome Gallery Terms of Service at

You can ask questions about the plugin and report bugs at

New in this version:
– Added support for Universal Analytics.
– Fixed some bugs.

版本:2.6 用户评分:4.25(5分满分) 此版本下载量:445232

大小:74.22KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2013年4月2日

作者:由Google Analytics提供


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Google Analytics Debugger_v2.6