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GitZip for github_v0.3.5

GitZip for github_v0.3.5


Why GitZip:
– You DO NOT have to download the whole project just for those few files/dirs you need.

1. In any GitHub public repos page.
2. two options:
a. Right-click (context menu) on the item and click download.
b. Double click on the items and click download button at bottom-right.
3. See the progress dashboard and wait for browser trigger download.
4. Get the ZIP file.

Get Token:
– If you see the "Rate Limit" warning message on progress dashboard, you should get the Github API access token for upgrade rate limit. GitZip provide a convenient way for it:
1. Click GitZip Extension icon on your browser.
2. Click "Normal" or "Private" link beside "Get Token".
3. Authorize GitZip permission on Github auth page.
4. Back to repo page of the beginning.
5. Continue to use.

1. Use the suitable permissions according to Chrome Extension Policy.
2. Use alternative way to fetch current url as referrer.

1. Remove unnecessary permission.
2. Fix date timezone offset bug.

Pass token through http header. (Github says using access_token query parameter will be deprecated)

Fix a error about "runtime.lastError" error.

Fix a error about pjax region detection.

1. Handle the API response error and shows the instructions.
2. Support contextmenu on items or page of repositories.

Fix item can not be check because github changed css name.

版本:0.3.5 用户评分:4.5(5分满分) 此版本下载量:51746

大小:61.27KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2020年5月29日



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GitZip for github_v0.3.5