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GetAll! Sina Weibo Photo Fetcher_v1.0.7

GetAll! Sina Weibo Photo Fetcher_v1.0.7


– Wanna get all images at once without constantly turning pages and waiting?
– Wanna download images by a click?
– Who this follower is? Wanna see his/her photos, but there are thousands of pictures in albums?
– Only wanna see portraits but not all his/her pictures?

GetAll! Sina Weibo Photo Fetcher is a tool that fetches photos from all albums of a Sina Weibo user. It applies face recognition for you to filter portraits. You could also download images by a click. Save you a lot of time!

1. Fetches photos from a Sina Weibo user
2. Packs and provides download for images
3. Applies face recognition engine to filter pictures which have faces

1. Go to the home page of a Sina Weibo user. The icon will appear on the right side of the browser's address bar
2. Click on the icon and enjoy the tool
* The icon will only appear after the page is fully loaded. Please wait for the page to load

Update Log:
— 1.0.7 —
1. “Close" button is added to the pop-up dialog for you to interrupt the operation

— 1.0.6 —
1. Export the selected images URLs to Xunlei downlist
2. Show how many images have been selected
3. Zipping becomes more stable

I am not responsible for any possible consequences of using this extension, including any copyright issues.

版本:1.0.7 用户评分:3.83(5分满分) 此版本下载量:5578

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作者:offered by Zhuohui Jeffrey Chen


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GetAll! Sina Weibo Photo Fetcher_v1.0.7