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Make your Geocaching life easy with GeoPrinters lists – print, map, send by e-mail and GPX export.

.:. button in popup at map
.:. button in listing
.:. import search results and PQ
.:. import bookmark lists
.:. insert custom coordinates
.:. add points from GeoPrinter's map
.:. load list saved in .gpl file

.:. print A4 (paper/.pdf)
.:. export GPX (for PM)
.:. print MAPS with points (A4,A5)
.:. save to .gpl file (proprietary)

1) Login to and create list by inserted buttons (see above).
2) Through an icon in the browser address bar you reach the list. Click to "Edit & export" open the list to edit.
3) Edit list, customize the look and output with advanced options – everything is saved. Print, export, save to file.
4) Log directly from list. List remains the same after closing the browser.

– o p t i m i z e d f o r p r i n t
– configurable output GPX
– customizable, intuitive, reorderable
– saves and loads any number of lists
– p o r t a b l e from computer to computer

– cache number (for identification on map)
– GC code (optionally)
– cache name (as link to listing)
– coordinates (editable)
– decoded hint (editable)
– distance (from first/previous cache)
– cache size
– difficiulty and terrain
– trackables (with link to log)
– cache type icon (=link to log)
– note (optionally hidden/showed)

And in note optionally:
– w a y p o i n t s (editable)
– l i s t i n g text (editable)
– selected images from listing (variable size)
– any custom plain/formatted text

USE extension for:
.:. geocaching without paper – GPX
.:. geocaching with paper – saves paper
.:. planning longer trips – own points
.:. archive your hunts – saves/loads
.:. log without re-searching caches TB/GC
.:. planning hunt in more people
– send list file via e-mail

TIP: Save page to bookmarks for instant access!

– app don't send anything outside your computer
– app don't read any personal info, passwords or statistics

Bugs, ideas, thanks etc:

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