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GeoEdge Toolbar_v3.2.3

GeoEdge Toolbar_v3.2.3


View geo-specific content easily using GeoEdge.
World’s largest, fastest and most reliable premium proxy solution.

One click and you’re global!‎ GeoEdgePro proxy toolbar is the fastest and easiest way to view, monitor and analyze geo-targeted content and ads in over 210 geo-locations and mobile carriers in real-time. It includes functionality to see the foreign content as it would appear on mobile devices in that geo-location or mobile carrier.

• See content as it is displayed locally from 160+ global locations and over 45 mobile operators

• View geo-targeted ads, campaigns and search results

• Track competitors' geo-targeted activity

• QA your geo-targeted site and banners (locations, cookies, catches, user agent behavior etc.)

GeoEdgePro Proxy Advantages:

• Largest Premium Proxy Network – over 160 global locations, including 59 major US DMAs and European cities

• More than 45 mobile carriers to view operator-targeted ad campaigns

• High-Performance Servers – fast, reliable, instant and secure access to web content globally

• Quality Service – unmasked servers that are physically located all over the world

• Unmatched Reliability – redundancy mechanisms ensure 99.9% network availability

• Quick and Easy To Use – select a location from drop-down menu and view local content ‎instantly

• Committed to Your Privacy – advanced encryption technology and protected servers

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GeoEdge Toolbar_v3.2.3