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Ever wonder if your slow internet connection is due to your WiFi, ISP or a website? Or if your page load times are similar to others accessing the same websites? Are you providing security related information to a website in a suspicious location?

Dyn is bringing unique internet performance testing and analysis to your computer with Gauge, your personal Internet Intelligence tool. Through internet measurement techniques we are able to help you understand your actual browsing performance as compared to geography and other people. In addition, we provide a geographic representation of where your internet traffic is going to help you be cautious of where you’re sending your data.

This is a different and richer set of information than traditional speed tests as it measures internet assets all over the globe in a continuous manner where speed test is usually from a minimal set of locations at a point in time.

Through these tools you can begin to understand the level of performance your Internet Service Provider (ISP), local network and wifi connections are enabling for your internet experience.

Please provide feedback of additional insight or tools you’d be interested in seeing!

Terms of use:

Oracle’s Terms Of Use For RUM Beacon


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