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GAT Shield Personal_v76.0.0

GAT Shield Personal_v76.0.0


GAT Shield Personal is a powerful utility tool to analyse and audit your Chrome environment.
It will allow you to track your usage time, analyse and risk asses your extensions, discover your environment variables,
including space used, ip address, hardware, versions etc. In addition it can be configured to track time spent not just
on sites but on specific pages and tasks. Part of the GAT family of tools, this is a powerful free utility which everyone who
uses Chrome for work or business should have.

NOTE: The extension should not be installed if you have purchased GAT Shield as part of your GAT+ subscription.

GAT for Chrome has 5 main sections.

In the first tab it provides ‘Browsing Activity Visualization’, where it tracks the time you spend on each site and gives you a detailed breakdown of when you started and when you finished browsing on that site, detailing graphically the visits to the site across the time of the day. In addition it also gives to a graph showing you the percentage of time each site takes up in your browsing day. Finally it gives you the combined picture showing you the full working timeline for the day. A calendar lets you look back across your previous usage history. You can also search for a particular site on any given day.
When you press the large Refresh button the display will update with any new browsing activity since you opened the tab. The button will animate to remind you of this when there is new browsing activity to be shown.
This feature set is ideal for measuring self productivity or for client billing, as well as just seeing where your day went.

The second tab discovers all your installed extensions and rates them based on the amount of access they require to your Chrome environment. We also developed a scoring system to identify the total level of access required. All the columns are sortable and mousing over the ‘Access Requested’ field shows you exactly the access each extension needs – a detailed help page also helps explain this to you.

The third tab allows you to see all your downloads, the names of the files, size, where they came from, where they are stored and if the download completed or not.

The fourth tab shows you all your Chrome environment settings from IP address to the CPU you are running on, from memory total to memory available, from device location as it appears to others to space used, and much more.

The fifth tab lets you configure particular pages to track for usage. This is ideal for separating out your time spent on different parts of the one site, it can be used for example to let you see how much time you spend on Google spreadsheets, or Google slides or Google docs. For specific site tasks billable to clients it will allow you to track time spent.

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GAT Shield Personal_v76.0.0