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Gaana Lyrics Extension_v4.1.2

Gaana Lyrics Extension_v4.1.2


Get your favourite song's lyrics on, Google Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, Groove and many other streaming music services without leaving the page. This extension displays the lyrics for currently playing song in a semi-transparent overlay window.

♬ Also get the new Gaana Lyrics App to view lyrics in floating foreground window ♬

● Searches and retrieves lyrics from LyricWiki
● Changes automatically on track change
● Launch when required by clicking address bar icon
● If any lyric is not found, it gives you an link to add the lyrics yourself.
● Lyric window is resizeable and movable
● Customize colour and font

Complete list of supported sites (till now):
♪ Spotify Web Player
♪ Saavn
♪ SoundCloud
♪ Raaga
♪ Amazon Prime Music
♪ Google Music
♪ Earbits
♪ Pandora Radio
♪ Plex Web
♪ AccuRadio
♪ Slacker Radio
♪ Jango
♪ 8tracks
♪ Deezer
♪ Tidal
♪ Wynk
♪ Groove
♪ YouTube Music

(Please suggest, if your favorite site is not listed)

Your feedback is welcome!

4.1.1: Fixed Plex, updated theme for Youtube, updated settings page
4.1.0: Added support for YouTube music
4.0.4: Fixed Spotify issue #8 and updated jquery to latest version
4.0.1: Fixed Spotify and Earbits issues
3.9.11: Fixed Pandora issue
3.9.10: Fixed Spotify issue
3.9.9: Removed unused permissions
3.9.7: Fixed resizing issues
3.9.6: Cleaned up died services –, rdio
3.9.5: Security bug fixes, https support for pandora
3.9.3: Added support for Groove, Fixed Amazon Music
3.9.2: Fixed issue, default theme for Google Music, Added support for Wynk
3.9.1: Fixed issue with Jango
3.9.0: Fixed issue – track changes not detected for songs with same title
3.8.9: Fixed issues due to Plex url changes
3.8.2: Fixed bug in options page
3.8.1: Fixed bug in installing on Linux
3.8: Added context menu
3.7.9: Added Tidal support
3.7.8: Fixed LyricWiki API changes
3.7.5: Fixed SoundCloud issues
3.7.3: Added back support for (along with
3.7.2: Radio Mirchi ( bug fixes
3.7.1: Added 8tracks, Deezer
3.6.0: Fixed issue with new Google Music. Added support for Jango.
3.5.3: Fixed resizing issue. Added support for AccuRadio and Slacker
3.5.1: Fixed issue with Grooveshark preview site
3.5.0: Added support for Plex Web.
3.4.0: Added support for Rdio, Included font files in package itself
3.3.0: Complete overhaul of color scheme, fonts and settings
3.2.0: Added support for Earbits and Pandora Radio
3.1.2: Added support for Google Music, Bug fixes
3.0.1: Added support for Amazon Prime Music, Fixed issues with SSL sites
2.9.5: Added support for SoundCloud, Theme improvement
2.9.1: Added Raaga and support, more themes and fonts, bug fixes, Launch app from address bar icon, Better support for Saavn
2.8: Integration with Gaana Lyrics app
2.7: Fixed bugs related to api changes
2.6.1: Added support for Spotify Web Player, UI improvements

版本:4.1.2 用户评分:3.98(5分满分) 此版本下载量:5046

大小:470KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2018年12月9日



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Gaana Lyrics Extension_v4.1.2