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FLV Player_v0.1.0

FLV Player_v0.1.0


This App lets you open and play FLV video files that you have saved in your Downloads folder on your Chromebook. FLV video files are the flash video (adobe, shockwave) format.

It associates the extension FLV with this app, so you can simply double click to play them from the "Files" app.

Update: Dec 5 2017
– Changed app to open in a browser tab (as popup) because flash blocking settings in chrome prevented flash from opening in an app's webview.

Update: Jan 27
– Hi folks. I started charging for the app so fund more development effort. The free trial you can use indefinitely. But consider supporting future development by buying. And leaving any feedback. Thanks!

Update: Oct 3, version 0.0.6
– Show message when opening app without a file (Lets you select a file)
– Should no longer crash when pressing full screen (make sure you have updated your Chromebook to the latest version)
– Updated to use new chrome.sockets API (which is why you see new permissions prompt)
– Clean up the interface a little
– Remove the player watermark

Update: Feb 22, version 0.0.4
– Using Flowplayer now
– Added some hacks to attempt to auto-play files with broken indexes

This is beta quality software at the moment. It relies on "web-server-chrome" ( which it uses as a submodule.

Please let me know your experience by leaving feedback! I'll be sure to improve it.

You may find this extension useful (FLV Video Downloader):

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FLV Player_v0.1.0