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Netflix and … Learn?

Learn Spanish while watching your favorite TV shows! Language requires daily practice so why not learn a bit while doing what you already do every day?

Flowlingo will teach you new Spanish words, one at a time. As you watch your shows, you'll see highlighted words in Spanish captions for the show along with their English translations. It's the best way to build your vocabulary!
– Learn words in the context of your favorite shows. Instead of memorizing flash cards, you'll see words used in their appropriate context.
– Learn natural, conversational language. Instead of reading contrived examples from an exercise book, you'll see words as they appear in actual TV subtitles.
– Learn effortlessly, one word at a time. The magic of Flowlingo is highlighting just one word per subtitle, so you never get overwhelmed. It is smart enough to figure out which words you already know so it will always teach you something new.

Flowlingo works best with Netflix Original series, and there are dozens of shows to choose from. Give it a shot, and see just how quick and effortless learning can be!

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