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FlowCrypt: Encrypt Gmail with PGP_v6.9.8

FlowCrypt: Encrypt Gmail with PGP_v6.9.8


Simple end-to-end encryption to secure email and attachments in Google.
FlowCrypt adds a Secure Compose button to Gmail (also G Suite / Business / Enterprise). This way, you can send private PGP encrypted emails when you choose to.

– Sets up in a few clicks
– Send encrypted email and attachments to anyone
– Receive encrypted email directly or through Encrypted Contact Page
– Digital signatures

FlowCrypt lets you use PGP encryption by generating a private and public key. Sources available at

There are a few ways this encryption plugin stands out:
– Anyone can use it. We've worked to ensure every single way possible that email encryption can be confusing has been removed, so that more people can encrypt Gmail or other email.
– Encrypt files / send encrypted attachments
– As you compose an encrypted message, an encrypted draft gets saved for your convenience
– Send encrypt email for anyone, whether they have FlowCrypt, other email PGP, or no encryption at all. If they don't have any encryption set up, you can encrypt your email or files with a password.
– No understanding of cryptography needed, while at the same time power users with an existing public key can use Advanced Settings

PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy it's the standard for secure email encryption. This extension lets you encrypt Gmail messages anytime your email security and privacy matters, without having to think about it.

We created FlowCrypt because current Gmail encryption doesn't allow for the level of privacy that we should expect. Past efforts from Google to introduce OpenPGP (called Google end-to-end) were shelved.

Note: Separate GPG installation is is not required to run FlowCrypt – just add the extension and enjoy.

Email PGP encryption has been historically a very difficult area, which few people used because there was no easy PGP solution around. If you were asked for a Public Key (or PubKey) so that others can encrypt messages for you, just install FlowCrypt and you will find your new Public Key in the settings.

File encryption is fully supported. To encrypt an attachment, just open a compose window, add the recipient's email address, and attach a file. If they have encryption set up on their end, that's it – just send the encrypted email out. If they don't, you will be asked to protect the message with a password. They can then decrypt the secure email and files by following a link they get in the email. All file encryption and email encryption happens securely inside the browser, so that the messages are always encrypted in transit.

PGP or the OpenPGP is a standard for encrypted communication used by more than 10 million people. FlowCrypt is compatible with GPG (GnuPG), Enigmail, AirMail, GPG4o, GPG4Win, Symantec PGP Desktop, Mailvelope, GPGTools (GPG Tools) and other OpenPGP software. It is not fully compatible with other encryption solutions that don't use PGP (eg Virtru or S/MIME solutions). Either way, you can still send messages or encrypted files with a password, as you can send to anyone who doesn't have PGP set up.

This encryption extension is trusted by doctors (sending sensitive messages and files to patients), lawyers (using file encryption to share contracts and sending private emails to clients), web security companies (sending secure emails with user data), medical dispatchers, accountants and CPA's (sharing sensitive tax information with their clients), schools and many more. Encryption is also useful for regular folks who simply care about their privacy and sometimes want to send private email.

– Support for Yahoo and Outlook email providers
– iPhone mobile app (get notified at
– Android app available at

Looking forward to your feedback! Email us at – we are improving the plugin on a weekly basis (see "Updated" date below).

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FlowCrypt: Encrypt Gmail with PGP_v6.9.8