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Fauxbar makes Chrome's New Tab page act like classic Firefox's Awesome Bar:
• Quickly find the history page, tab or bookmark you're after
• Results are ranked using Mozilla's frecency algorithm, just like Firefox
• Add and use your favorite websites' search engines with ease
• Show tiled thumbnails for your top websites and installed Chrome apps

To use Fauxbar, simply open a new tab, or click the orange Fauxbar icon beside Chrome's Omnibox, or focus the Omnibox and press F+Spacebar.

What's the difference between Fauxbar and Fauxbar Lite? — Fauxbar replaces Chrome's New Tab page; Fauxbar Lite does not.

If you'd rather keep Chrome's New Tab page as is, please install Fauxbar Lite instead:

For Fauxbar's source code, please visit

Features include:

Address Box:
• Accurately find your history items, bookmarks, and opened tabs
• Results are ranked using Mozilla's frecency algorithm, just like Firefox
• Full support for mid-word searching and non-alphanumeric characters
• Consistent URL auto-fill / auto-complete
• Intelligent page pre-rendering
• Keyword shortcuts for your favorite websites
• Right-click options such as Add/Edit Bookmark, and Add/Edit Keyword
• Paste & Go
• Search engine keyword shortcuts
• URL blacklist
• Switch to tab functionality

Search Box and search engines:
• Right-click on search fields on your favorite websites to add them as Fauxbar search engines
• Use your favorite search engines with the dedicated Search Box, or hide the Search Box and just use search engines from the Address Box
• Assign keywords to search engines for quick access, or click a menu for a visual list of your search engines
• Suggestions can be displayed as you type your query (suggestions from the selected search engine will be retrieved where available)
• Paste & Search
• Supports OpenSearch detection

• Show tiles for your installed Chrome apps
• Show tiles for your favorite websites with screenshot thumbnails
• Let Fauxbar choose site tiles for you, or manually choose them yourself
• Click and drag site tiles to rearrange

Other features:
• Omnibox integration: type F+Spacebar to access Fauxbar without leaving the page you're on
• Override Chrome's Alt+D, Ctrl+L and Ctrl+K commands with Fauxbar's equivalents
• Choose font names, sizes, colors and background image
• Let Fauxbar take focus away from Chrome's Omnibox automatically, or keep it as is
• Choose the number of results to display at a time
• Comes preset with Google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo!, and Bing
• Delete a URL from Chrome's history right from Fauxbar without having to open Chrome's History page
• Alter the frecency algorithm's scoring if desired
• More than 60 different configurable options
• Backup, restore, and/or reset Fauxbar's options with ease

Requires Google Chrome™ version 49 or higher.

Fauxbar is not affiliated with Google, Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, or the original AwesomeBar.


Recent changes:

16 January 2018 – v1.7.4

– Improved AJAX performance.

版本:1.7.4 用户评分:4.3(5分满分) 此版本下载量:6423

大小:337KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2018年1月15日

作者:由Chris McFarland提供


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