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Release notes:
* 3.3.18 (2020-09-13)
– Fix for Yahoo players

* 3.3.17 (2020-09-10)
– Updating for 2020. Stay safe!

— What is this? —

This extension adds weekly projected points, rankings, standard deviations, depth charts, and injury-adjusted averages from FantasyPros and FantasySharks (for D/ST and IDP) to the default projections. The numbers are customized for your league settings (so PPR, as an example, is automatically added in).

** Currently supports Yahoo, and FleaFlicker **
** ESPN is on the way **

— Future Ideas —

– Support NFL, CBS
– Give the option to select which experts you want
– Add more projected sources, especially for defense

— Known Issues —

– Some esoteric scoring settings are not currently monitored (eg. "2 points for the first 10 yards if your name starts with a J")
– FantasyPros doesn't have return yardage, which can be pretty valuable

— Permissions —

– Asks for HTTP and HTTPS, since I need to grab the data from across the internet, and the sources frequently change.


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