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AS of Chrome Version 30.0.1599.69 m Google has disabled loading HTTP content into the preview when you are on a secure (HTTPS) page e.g. twitter, google, facebook, etc. ( This prevents ezLinkPreview from working on those pages with any external links. Workaround now is to

1. Use the –allow-running-insecure-content flag which reduces security. To set command line flags:
2. Click the gray shield button on the right of the URL bar that appears after trying to preview a page, then click load unsafe script. Page will reload and you can now preview HTTP sites.

Browse more efficiently: Preview links and images without leaving your current tab. Mouseover any link and click the 'ez' icon (or press ALT and mouseover link) to show the linked page in a separate preview overlay or split screen. This is somewhat similar to the now defunkt FireFox CoolPreviews plugin and Cleeki.

For support, bugs, enhancements please use this google group instead of the user reviews:

ezLinkPreview finds all http links on a page.
– Hovering over a link, fades in a small 'ez' icon at the upper right corner.
– Click or hover over the 'ez' icon to open a preview overlay of the link within the current tab
– Interact with the new page and even launch another overlay from within the current overlay.
– Open the overlay contents in a new tab by clicking a button in the titlebar. Left click focuses on new tab, middle click leaves new tab in background.
– Pin/unpin the overlay by clicking a button in the titlebar.
– Close the overlay by clicking titlebar button, pressing Escape key, or clicking outside the overlay.
– Unpinned, moving mouse outside overlay closes it.
– Pinned, moving mouse over other links in the page loads them into the overlay.
– Resize overlay by dragging any corner or side.
– Resize split screen by dragging vertical split bar
– Move overlay by dragging the titlebar.
– Pinned overlay stays on screen when scrolling the page.
– Pinned state is saved and remembered accross pages and sessions.
– Minimize/Restore the preview to quickly read text under the preview window.

TIP: Pin the overlay and mouseover other links while the preview is open.
NOTE: some sites do not allow themselves to be run in frames/overlays and this will cause an actual navigation to the URL.

– See extension options page for the many available customizations.
Choose to open preview on mouseover link without showing ez icon.
Choose to locate ez icon near the mouse cursor instead of the upper right of the link.
Exclusion list to the options page. If the current URL includes any of the text items in the exclusion list, ezLinkPreview will be disabled for that page.
open in new tab list. URLs that contain items in this list will open a new tab instead of the preview window. Use this for sites that disable openning in IFRAMES.
Choose where the preview popup opens by default: top-right, top-left, bottom-right, bottom-left, or center.
Require click on ez icon or allow hover and click.
Change the ez icon size.

– Keyboard shortcuts:
Press Ctrl+Alt+1 (number one) on a page to toggle whether ez icon displays or preview opens on hover.

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