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Expressfy – Import Product Aliexpress Shopify_v4.9.8

Expressfy – Import Product Aliexpress Shopify_v4.9.8


Expressfy allows you to easily import dropshipped products from Aliexpress directly into your eCommerce store in a few clicks…

We have developed A user friendly chrome extension that is quick and simple to use, easily pull products (variants, images, pricing, title, description, shipping, tags etc…) from Aliexpress and have them on your shopify store with a click of a button.

Expressfy Features

* Quickly Import Unlimited Products from with a Click of a Button! Expressfy App Chrome Extension sends products directly to your Shopify store, Automatically imports product images and sets up product variants.

* Fulfill orders automatically – No more spending hours trying to fulfill orders manually, with Expressfy you'll have
the ability to fulfill orders from Aliexpress with 1 click.

* Big potential to sell more when you have wide range of products!

* Save money and stop hiring Virtual assistants to add products to your store.

* The fulfillment process take just a few clicks, the variants and the customer information will be filled automatically

* Powerful Dropshipping Research – Seller Rating Identification allow you to find trusted sellers

* Find ePacket Products – ability to browse and automatically highlight products with ePacket shipping method.

* Vendor Rating – Our Extension allows you to easily find trusted sellers & filter products with the fastest delivery times.
this feature is part of our free chrome extension.

* Price Automation Rules / Auto Price Multiplier – Price your products automatically with Expressfy markup automation rules and let Expressfy set your profit margin & automatically populate the price for you.

Who is this product for ?

Expressfy developed for Shopify store owners that using aliexpress as there main drop-shipping source.

What is this product? Expressfy allows you to import products from aliexpress into your store with few clicks. You will be able to have new items uploaded to your store within minutes.

Why do i need it?

If you want to add product from aliexpress to your store you need to

1. you need to pick a product 2. Search and download all images to your computer 3. edit your images so you can upload them into your store 4. creating variants 5. set price for each variant 6. connect images with variants and we just started….. it is going to take you at least 15-20 minutes per product Or you can hire a Virtual Assistant to do that for you! which means paying more money before you even started to earn any.

How to use Expressfy?

It was very important for us to make expressfy user-friendly and very easy to use. once you install expressfy shopify app, all you have to do is to visit any aliexpress product page that you wish to add to your store, and click on “add” button on the top left corner. enter title/description/price and you are done.

版本:4.9.8 用户评分:4.36(5分满分) 此版本下载量:8086

大小:581KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2019年6月8日



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Expressfy – Import Product Aliexpress Shopify_v4.9.8