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EverSync – Sync bookmarks, backup favorites_v18.5.7

EverSync – Sync bookmarks, backup favorites_v18.5.7

介绍: – Synchronize your Bookmarks(favorites), FVD Speed Dials and Groups. Sync between Firefox and Chrome!

★ You get HTTPS secure online access!
★ Keep your dials and bookmarks(favorites) in HTTPS secure area! You can access them from any computer without installing an extension!
★ Online Backup and Trash Features – You won't lose you precious bookmarks(favorites) or dials any more.
★ Keep your private bookmarks(favorites) and dials online with HTTPS secure area and password. Nobody will access them.
★ Archive your bookmarks(favorites)!
★ Import your bookmarks to FVD Speed Dial in 3 clicks!
★ Built-in features to find duplicate bookmarks and folders.
★ Sync your dials, groups between different PCs or Firefox FVD Speed Dial.

★ FVD Speed Dial – 3D View, Full Sync:

★ Bugs and Suggestions:

Xmarks replacement, X-marks replacement

★ If you sync a large number of bookmarks per sync – you may need to manually restart Chrome

★ Bookmarks Sync won't work with MacOS, but you can still sync your Speed Dials

★★【 Access to all data on computer 】★★


Sync add-on requires permission which is called "Access to all data on computer"
This doesn't mean that our add-on will have access to all your files!
We only need access to one bookmark file in the Chrome environment.
As soon as you get permission to overwrite file(s), Chrome calls it "Full access."
Please, do not become paranoid with that! Chrome Webstore team manually reviews such add-ons!!!


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EverSync – Sync bookmarks, backup favorites_v18.5.7