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ESI Stylish_v1.2.1

ESI Stylish_v1.2.1

介绍:Stylish 是一个调整网页外观的用户样式管理器。它可让您轻松地为许多热门网站网站安装主题和皮肤。

ESI (eyes saving interface) «preserving eye interface" – a project for preserving of the health of the eyes and the back (posture), which eliminates one of the main causes of poor vision and stoop – need to look at tiny fonts.
If the user can not physically see the small print, it is necessary either to reduce the distance to the monitor or to use additional vision correction, or use often incorrect|impractical scaling.
We are engaged in adapting the sites under the CORRECT display with a minimum font size of 16 pixels (12 points), which will allow it to healthy people stay healthy and people Sighted feel healthier.
At the moment, it is only a PROTOTYPE, there are glitches in the ESI styles and disadvantages.
If you like the idea, you can tell your friends about it as well as support the development of ESI-style material.
This plugin is based on the popular Stylish with a small difference: he searches for ESI styles for websites, making it easier to install them. Are you sure you can also find custom styles on the site, and many of them will be compatible with ESI-styles.

版本:1.2.1 用户评分:4.69(5分满分) 此版本下载量:3031

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ESI Stylish_v1.2.1