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eRepublik Advanced_v4.2.7.0

eRepublik Advanced_v4.2.7.0


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Improved Fight Tracker generally and with special bombs support.
Fixed undefined Mercenary Progress under resistance wars.
Added thousand separators and padding to the Influence Done table.
Fixed Monetary Market modifications not showing up when you had an offer on the market.
Fixed Mercenary Tracker clashing with Resistance War support interface.
Fixed personal message compose field re-size.
Fixed Tax Table weird hover menu expansion.
Fixed some missing icons on the sidebar inventory.
Fixed icon size on the My Companies page.
Fixed natural enemy icon on the Military Campaigns page.


– Ability to turn on/off parts of the script.
– Editable quick links bar.
– Automatic search page redirect if there is only one result.

Improved Side panel:
– Added inventory.
– Market sales.
– Monetary exchange offers.
– Added subscription notification icon.

Improved battle page:
– Links to regions on battles.
– Natural enemy icon on battles.
– Logging your activity on the battlefield.

Improved profile page:
– Super soldier calculator.
– Rank calculator.
– Influence calculator.
– Personal influence statistics graph.

Improved Marketplace page:
– Show values in gold under CC price, price / 1HP. (for food)
– All/Max button to buy.
– Total of all offers.

Improved Monetary market page:
– All/Max button to buy.

Improved Storage:
– Added price / unit without tax and total value without tax column.
– Added link to market for each offer.

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eRepublik Advanced_v4.2.7.0