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Email Tracker_v3.88

Email Tracker_v3.88

介绍:找出你的电子邮件是否被阅读。 Gmail,Hotmail / Outlook,Google收件箱,

Find out if your emails were read. Simply install and any future emails are automatically tracked. A circle will appear when the tracking is enabled on the sent email and a checkmark will appear when it has been read. Works for unlimited email accounts and sent emails.

Works with Gmail, Outlook / Hotmail, Google Inbox, and Yahoo Mail. For compatibility with other email clients contact us at

​Email tracker does not ever store or transfer your email contents in order to ensure your privacy.

Emails sent to only yourself are not tracked. If you want to test the extension send an email to another email account.

Upgrade to pro and get full statistics, link tracking, and more. Visit

For more information or help please visit

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Email Tracker_v3.88