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Droplr – Screenshot, Annotate, & Screencast_v3.6.4

Droplr – Screenshot, Annotate, & Screencast_v3.6.4


Screen capture FULL webpage or any part of it. Take screenshots, annotations, screen recordings with audio narration all with Droplr for Chrome. Just take a screenshot or make an annotation and Droplr will copy a short link to clipboard that you can share your screenshot in chat, email, text, or anywhere. You can also manage all your images, create collections, view stats, customize your urls, and more through the Droplr dashboard.

"With an incredible feature set, active development, and a sustainable business model, Droplr is our favorite way to make simple annotations, and track links." – The Sweet Setup

How it Works

With Droplr, sharing screenshots is super simple. Just click on the extension icon and select how you want to share a screenshot. Your screenshot will be uploaded to your personal Droplr account in the cloud and a link to it will be copied to your clipboard. Paste the link anywhere to share. Manage all of your files online through the Droplr Dashboard or with your iOS device using Droplr Mobile.

Droplr Pro users get to keep their files forever, can customize download pages, and much more. Droplr Pro memberships are available at

Droplr is also available on Mac, iOS, and Windows.

"The Droplr web app is both beautiful and more functional than any other file sharing app I’ve ever used." – AppStorm

Droplr Free

• Capture, markup, and share screenshots

Droplr Enterprise

• No file-size or storage limits
• Team sharing
• Feedback and commenting
• Single-sign on
• Keep files forever
• Capture, markup, and share screenshots
• Capture and share screencasts as movies or animated GIFs
• Record and share reaction GIFs
• Customize download pages with your own logo
• Use your own custom domain for downloads
• Password-protect your files
• Embed Droplr files on your favorite blog, forum, or website

"Droplr is fast and light, the files you upload are searchable, the iPhone app is great, and the automatic addition of public links to your clipboard makes it perfect for quickly throwing a file to someone." – The Verge

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Droplr – Screenshot, Annotate, & Screencast_v3.6.4