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DownThemAll will help you select, queue, sort and run your downloads faster. It comes with advanced ways to select what links to download, and will remember your previous decisions so that you can queue more downloads with just OneClick!

Advanced users will also like using renaming masks, which let you automatically assign names (and even sub-folders within your downloads folder), fast-filtering or even custom, re-usable filters.

DownThemAll is open-source and free. We spend a lot of time making it, and keep spending a lot of time improving it.
We will never add adware, spyware, user tracking or other nasty stuff. Therefore we rely on your donations exclusively to fund the development.

Please note: If you have Chrome configured to "Ask where to save each file before downloading", then the browser will do just that. There is no way to override this.

PS: This is the first version for Chrome. We strieve to have as few bugs as possible, but it's early days for Chrome support in the extension, so please be kind, patient and forgiving, and report any issues you have to

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