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介绍:在网上购物时发现道德可持续的品牌 – 并获得独家折扣

The DoneGood Google Chrome extension automatically notifies you of ethical, sustainable alternatives when you’re shopping on Amazon, Google, or big-name retailers' websites. And with our exclusive discounts — 25% off or more — you can save money at the same time.

How DoneGood works:

• Simply shop online with Amazon, Google, or big-brand websites like Macy’s or many others.

• DoneGood will automatically notify you of eco-friendly, fair trade alternative brands that have the kind of product you’re looking for — and that also protect the environment, pay their workers well, help people lift themselves out of poverty, and are making the world better in all sorts of ways.

• Get discount codes for 25% off or more on more unique, higher quality products from socially responsible companies.

That’s it! With the free DoneGood shopping assistant, you discover cool brands making better stuff, save some dough, and feel good about how you’re spending your dollars.

When you support a DoneGood company, you help them succeed. The more they succeed, the more other businesses follow suit. Eventually, even the big companies start to improve.

The dollars you spend are the world’s most powerful force for change!

Want to Boycott Trump?

When you’re visiting a website that sells Trump products, you’ll receive a ‘Trump Alert’ — as well as suggestions for better alternative brands that have done good. And get discount codes on the better brands.


About DoneGood:

DoneGood is a Certified B Corp and a 2017 “Best for the World” awardee.

One of Mashable’s top social innovations (November 2016), and has been featured in the Washington Post, WIRED, Huffington Post, CNBC, Forbes, and multiple other major news outlets.

Incubated at the Harvard Innovation Lab.


Protecting your privacy: We strongly believe that being a DoneGood-approved company also means protecting people’s privacy. Learn more about how we go above and beyond to protect privacy in this privacy policy written so non-lawyers can understand it:

By using DoneGood you agree to the terms of use:

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