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[DEPRECATED] Legacy Browser Support_v5.99

[DEPRECATED] Legacy Browser Support_v5.99


NOTE: Legacy Browser Support functionality has been integrated directly into Chrome. As a result the Legacy Browser Support extension is no longer needed and is now in maintenance mode. No further updates will be provided for the extension. Please deploy the integrated version of the Legacy Browser Support ( and manage it either via Group Policy Objects or via Chrome Browser Cloud Management.

Business users may rely on many different web apps for work and find that they need two browsers — a modern one that’s secure, fast, and optimized for the latest web standards and a second one to access older web apps that depend on ActiveX or plugin technology. Chrome’s Legacy Browser Support solution allows users to switch automatically between Chrome and another browser by enabling IT to set policies that specify which sites should launch into an alternative browser.

This Legacy Browser Support Chrome extension is managed via policy and only works in managed environments. Please visit to learn more about deploying Chrome for your organization. Get started with Legacy Browser Support at

By installing this item, you are agreeing to, at your sole option, either the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy ( or the Google Chrome Terms of Service ( and Google Chrome Privacy Notice (

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[DEPRECATED] Legacy Browser Support_v5.99