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DataLayer Checker_v1.3.4

DataLayer Checker_v1.3.4


NEW: DataLayer Checker now auto-detects the name of the dataLayer on the page and works perfectly when GTM listeners are activated!

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All messages pushed in a dataLayer will be listed in the extension tab, either when a page loads, through an event or when data is manually pushed.

You just need to install this extension and visit any website before clicking on the extension icon to display the dataLayer content. The basic setup works for Google Tag Manager default dataLayer but user settings will be soon available for custom implementations.

As the extension is still in development, you may encounter some bugs (don’t hesitate to report them!) as well as new features soon!

Ready to save time and efforts? Give it a try!

1.3.4: console.log() optimisation.
1.3.3: Minor bugs fixed.
1.3.2: Optimized "gtm.element" variable (now shows the element clicked) + Minor bugs fixed.
1.3.1: Minor bugs fixed.
1.3.0: New feature! Now preserve your pushed objects directly in the browser console.
1.2.7: Minor bugs fixed.
1.2.6: Minor bugs fixed.
1.2.5: Bug fixed concerning the gtm.element issue.
1.2.4: Bug fixed concerning errors in the chrome browser console on Google Spreadsheet.
1.2.3: Minor bugs fixed detected by Sergi Quiñonero (18 oct. 2017). Thank you!
1.2.2: Minor bugs fixed.
1.2.1: Minor bugs fixed.
1.2.0: Major bugs fixed. DataLayer Checker works now correctly when GTM listeners are activated.
1.1.0: DataLayer Checker now auto-detects the name of the dataLayer on the page and shows its content.
1.0.1: Minor bugs fixed.
1.0.0: We are happy to offer you DataLayer Checker! The best Chrome extension to check the GTM dataLayer. Enjoy!

版本:1.3.4 用户评分:4.56(5分满分) 此版本下载量:14817

大小:58.61KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2018年8月28日



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DataLayer Checker_v1.3.4