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Dark Reader_v4.4.1

Dark Reader_v4.4.1


Dark Reader creates dark themes for every website. This extension doesn't just invert colors of web-sites you visit. Powered by new Chrome engine features it uses special intellectual way to transform bright blinding stuff into eye relaxing, high contrast, deluminated, dark themed and just smart looking web-pages which are easy to read at night. Use the dark mode to take care of your eyes.

Now with brightness, contrast, sepia filters adjustment, font settings and ignore-list!

Use the hotkeys Alt+Shift+D for switching the extension On/Off and Alt+Shift+A for adding current web-site into your sites list (you may choose if you would like to ignore these sites or invert them only). If the hotkeys don't work, set them up on this page chrome://extensions/configureCommands

1. Disable other similar extensions, they may interrupt Dark Reader.
2. Chrome Web Store page will not be inverted due to security reasons.
3. Dear Reader, if a popular website doesn't look well with this extension (e.g. some images are inverted), please post us a link at
4. If some sites are already dark, please send their addresses at
5. Switch off the extension before you disable or uninstall it. Otherwise your opened pages will stay inverted until you refresh them.
6. If some pages work laggy, try setting filter values to "off" or change Theme generation mode.
7. Some pages don't display on MacOS 10.11, try to update your video drivers. This is a Chromium issue 804164.
8. See the source code at
9. Contribute at

The extension doesn't send any user data anywhere.

Good luck!

4.4.0 – Custom site settings. Dynamic mode bug fixes.
4.3.3 – Invert IFrames.
4.3.2 – Fixed inverting pages when browser starts.
4.3.1 – Dynamic Theme bug fixes.
4.3.0 – Highlight important news and release notes.
4.2.8 – Dynamic Theme bug fixes.
4.2.7 – Show release notes on icon click or new installation.
4.2.6 – Bug fixes. Display the reason if page cannot be toggled.
4.2.5 – Dynamic Theme bug fixes.
4.2.1 – Dynamic Theme config and bug fixes.
4.1.0 – Experimental Dynamic Theme mode.
4.0.1 – Fixed On/Off hotkey
4.0.0 – Experimental theme engines. Improved Developer Tools.
3.5.4 – 40+ sites fixes by our users. Fixed custom rules in light mode.
3.5.2 – Settings page fixes: white borders (Windows), font list scroll.
3.5.1 – First 50+ contributions by our users. Thank you all!
3.5.0 – Added developer tools, simplified contribution process.

版本:4.4.1 用户评分:4.68(5分满分) 此版本下载量:369233

大小:474KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2018年5月8日



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Dark Reader_v4.4.1