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Custom Google™ Background Image_v8.3.1

Custom Google™ Background Image_v8.3.1


Choose your personalized home page image background for Google!

★ Turn any image into your favorite wallpaper

★ Choose hi-res photos from Unsplash to be your Google background image

★ Choose any color background for Google – from a white background to your favorite color according to its Hex color code

★ Easily change between your favorite wallpapers to find the perfect custome background image for Google


Customize your background image for Google new tab backgrounds to your favorite anime, digital art, scenery, or even Google Earth images! Simply upload a picture, choose a color, or search for your favorite wallpaper on Unsplash or Stylish.

Custom Google™ Image Background lets you personalize your Google homepage to perfectly match your taste. Easily upload new beautiful images and wallpapers to your personalized home page, which you can easily access from the extension.

✔ Custom backgrounds at your fingertips
✔ Instant access to the best Stylish wallpapers for your Google background
✔ Unlimited HD / high resolution image background uploads from your computer
✔ Shuffle through popular images from the web
✔ Choose stunning background images from Unsplash
✔ Customize your image background position
✔ Customize what appears on your Google homepage – from buttons to the Google logo

Google is a trademark of Google Inc. This custome backgrounds extension is not endorsed by Google.


***Important Note!***

For the purpose of providing you with the services offered by Custom Google™ Background – showing you relevant and suggested styles for each web page you visit, we need to collect anonymized browsing data. We deeply care about your privacy, so it’s important to us that you understand our policy, as detailed in this link:

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Custom Google™ Background Image_v8.3.1