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Give hyperlinks new superpowers and turn them into superlinks!
Users clicking on a superlink are enjoying a real curated web in a simple, streamlined experience. Influencers creating superlinks are gaining new tools to tell a story and lead the audience their way. Marketers distributing superlinks are gaining better control of the funnel, while profiting from the ability to lead traffic to several webpages at the cost of just one click.
Whatever you hoped to achieve with a link – with a superlink you can, by: leading to multiple web pages through one link; taking actions on those web pages; adding personal touch to any page on the web; controlling the audience your way; creating a different story from existing content; giving the web soundtrack; guiding your followers as if you are sitting next to them and more.
And still, you can share, post, promote, distribute or search the superlink just like any traditional link

Croosing's privacy statement:

We will not collect any personally identified information unless you willingly provide it.
Your information will be secure with us and we will not share or sell it to other parties.
Non-personal information will be collected solely for the purpose of letting you enjoy creating, sharing and running superlinks, and for the constant improvement of your experience.

Croosing's detailed privacy policy is available for you at

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