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CR HLS Player_v1.5.0.6

CR HLS Player_v1.5.0.6


No Longer Actively Developed.
Crunchy finally got around to making a videojs implementation of their own, so I will not be actively maintaining this. I'll be unpublishing it once the full switch happens. If CR's player turns out to be lacking, or I want to add some of my own features, then I may bring it back at that time.

An HTML5 player for Crunchyroll's HLS streams.

-Respects resolution buttons
-Works with ?t= query parameter
-Auto advances to the next episode if there is one (staying in full screen)
-Persistent volume
-Adjustable Buffer length via the options page
-Properly updates viewing history and queue (should be more accurate than the default player, especially for shorts)
-Option to skip Openings or Endings (doesn't work on the first episode of a show)
-Supports all available subtitle languages
-Option to resume playback
-Supports single pre-roll ad for free users.

You will have to put in your username and password, either on the options page or when it prompts you when trying to watch a video. This is just to let it access the HLS streams which require an extra authentication. This info is only stored locally and only needs to be entered once.

You can find the source code here:

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CR HLS Player_v1.5.0.6