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Collect & Share Web Links Visually: elink.io_v1.1.5

Collect & Share Web Links Visually: elink.io_v1.1.5


elink is an all-in-one email marketing and content marketing tool that helps you collect, publish and share web content in minutes. Turn your collections into visually appealing newsletters, web pages, and website embeds. Simply add web links, and we will take care of the rest.

elink’s Chrome Extension Features:

• Simple – Right-click on any web page, link or image and save it as a bookmark with elink’s Chrome Extension. It’s a fast and easy way to collect and organize anything while you browse.

• Multiple Templates– elink lets you choose from a variety of beautiful templates to share your information with a simple click of a button.

• Real-Time Editing – Quickly edit or update any information you have published on the page from your elink dashboard, and it will update in real-time.

• Unlimited elinks – There are no limits to how many elink web pages and newsletters you can create.

• Analytics – You can track engagement levels, referral sources and the location of your audience for each of your elinks.

• Responsive Templates – Our responsive templates make your web page, newsletter, and website embed look great on all devices.

• Curate Any Web Content – elink’s powerful tool allows you to curate and share any online content that has a link. Which includes videos, webinars, podcasts articles, pictures, infographics, PDF’s, Google Docs, Dropbox files and more.

How Does elink’s Chrome Extension Work?

Use elink’s toolbar icon or right click your mouse to collect any type of web content. You can right-click on any web page, link or image and save it as a bookmark with elink’s Chrome Extension. It’s a fast and easy way to collect and organize anything while you browse! Don’t just save bookmarks for yourself anymore, start collecting and sharing them with your customers, teammates, followers or whoever your audience is.

What Can I Save with elink?

Videos (YouTube, Vimeo, Ted, etc.)
Google Docs
Dropbox Files
Any content with a link can be saved and shared with elink!

Tell me what’s so cool about elink’s newsletters:

Creating newsletters can be time-consuming. With elink you can quickly curate and turn your elinks into email newsletters in minutes. Simply collect links around any topic and export them to Gmail, MailChimp or copy and paste the HTML code to your 3rd party email platform. elink works with nearly every email provider. You never have to worry about the design of your newsletter and can easily switch between various newsletter templates with a simple click of a button. Share the best online resources, products, tools, videos, news articles and much more with your audience. Curated email newsletters are a fantastic way to communicate with your clients, teammates, and followers. Catch their attention with a stunning email newsletter that you can send in minutes! It’s the fastest way to create a newsletter on the planet.

Who can use elink?
————————— is great for any industry – tech, retail, finance, health, real-estate, travel, legal, manufacturing, arts, construction, education, agriculture, governments, etc. is great for nearly any type of profession: marketers, management, techies, brokers, administrators, human resources, accountants, lawyers, educators, engineers, insurance agents, etc.

Even though is considered the Pinterest for business, you can also use elink for your personal needs!

Get Started Today! Questions?

If you have any questions or want to get in touch with us, email us

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Collect & Share Web Links Visually: elink.io_v1.1.5