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With Cleanfox, cleaning your inbox has never been so easy. Take back control of your inbox and be done with unsolicited emails!
With Cleanfox, in just one click, you can block all the senders from whom you don't want to receive emails anymore; delete in one click all the emails from a sender and automatically group all the existing and future emails from a sender into one folder. No unsolicited sender will be able to get to you! The service is completely free.

# Features :

★ Block unwanted senders
Unsubscribe from senders from whom you don't want to receive emails anymore, in one click. No sender can bypass Cleanfox, you won't ever receive an email from senders you have blocked!

★ Delete all the emails from a sender
Lighten your inbox in just a couple of minutes by deleting all the emails coming from a sender at once!

★ Create automatic and smart folders per sender
If a sender sends you too many emails but you want to keep them and remain subscribed, you have the possibility to filter all these emails into a folder automatically created. They won't appear in your inbox anymore, but in a dedicated and easily accessible folder.

★ Statistics
Cleanfox provides you with 3 types of statistics to help you make informed choices:
➤ Number of emails from chosen sender
➤ Open rate of sender's emails
➤ Carbon footprint summary of these emails (1 email = 10g of CO2)

# About Cleanfox

Cleanfox is the first online platform dedicated to cleaning your inbox that is both free and eco friendly. Hundreds of thousands of users have already trusted Cleanfox, thus avoiding the emission of more than 2200 tons of CO2. THANK YOU!

# Privacy

Cleanfox is safe. We use SSL for all our connections. We do not sell or share any personal data with third party. We only collect and commercialize anonymous data for statistical purposes. With Cleanfox, your privacy is fully respected.

# How does Cleanfox earn money?
Cleanfox is a free service developed by Foxintelligence. Foxintelligence does not share any personal data to third parties and only commercializes statistics based on anonymous data.

Website :
Twitter @cleanfoxapp
Facebook :

Questions ?
Contact us on or directly find the answer on our FAQ page:

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