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CKP – KeePass integration for Chrome™_v2017.5.30

CKP – KeePass integration for Chrome™_v2017.5.30

介绍:针对Chrome™的Readonly KeePass密码数据库集成

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CKP provides readonly KeePass integration for Chrome. It makes your passwords securely available to you exactly when you need them – at the login page.

Access your passwords from Google Chrome on any PC, Mac or Chromebook, while maintaining full control over the security of the password database. KeePass is a trusted and mature password database with applications available for multiple platforms. It is designed to be secure. Apps are available to access your passwords on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone and Android.

Whenever CKP detects a web site that might require a password, it will shows a small icon in the address bar. You can click on this icon, provide your master password to unlock your password file and then choose to fill the password onto the website.

Unlocking of your password file occurs locally in the browser. Your password is never sent anywhere and is not visible to the author of this component.

This extension requires no special permissions to install, although you will have to grant some permissions if you link it to your Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or want it to autofill password on a website.

Privacy policy is available at

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CKP – KeePass integration for Chrome™_v2017.5.30