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*Also available for FireFox at

* Adds an optional chronological view (with an easy link to all the comments in the thread).
* Adds 'fold' buttons to nests in the nested view, so that you can hide replies.
* Fixes permalinks – once the comments are loaded, the linked-to comment will be in display.

The nested view gains '+' and '–' buttons, allowing you to fold the posts for more convenient reading.

A new button in the comment view preferences lets you choose to see comments in the new nested view, or in a flattened chronological view. In the flattened view, a new button allows you to narrow down to just the thread a particular comment is in.

cifFix no longer adds the trackback header, since this is now restored functionality on the Guardian site.

(Note: the permissions requested are needed to allow the comments iFrame to be manipulated. The Guardian currently serves the story from the subdomain and the comments from (in a seamless iFrame at the bottom of the page). Because CIFFix needs to access the whole web page to allow scrolling, it needs to be able to communicate between the two frames.

Because the domains are different, to do this it needs to be able to cross-script – which requires this permission from the user. Everything, however, stays local – there's no data collection.)

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