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Card Bookmarks_v1.2.9

Card Bookmarks_v1.2.9


Card bookmark is a browser bookmark tool, the original bookmark column will occupy web space, and card bookmarks are displayed in a pop-up way, disappear when used up, while providing more space to display frequently used bookmarks. In order to be more user-friendly, search, top-setting and other functions have been added later. The latest version is the addition of cloud services to facilitate data synchronization.

The main updates are:

1. When searching for bookmarks, click the bookmark icon to open the bookmark folder and scroll to the current bookmark location;

2. Double-click the search box to search for the previous input again;

3. When the bookmark (folder) is right-clicked, a dashed box is added to the unselected list to prompt that multiple selections are supported; (The previous version has been implemented)

In addition, I installed a new application Copy X, a powerful clipboard application, which can keep the copied content for a long time, support editing, cutting, extracting, merging and so on of the text, and even support powerful data preprocessing. Application address: , welcome to use!

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Card Bookmarks_v1.2.9