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CAGE – Castle Age Game Enhancer [β]_v1.4.0.10

CAGE – Castle Age Game Enhancer [β]_v1.4.0.10


CAGE enhances Castle Age game play and makes some task faster and easier to perform.

Before giving low rating because its not working for you, why not go the support page/blog/etc… and let someone help you? Sometime the solution is really easy to find 😉


Get in contact, get help an report errors



* Quick Demi blessing
* Extra send-gift filter
* Fast access to potions
* Guild battle filters (class, activity, status)
* CA Time out "remover"
* Class ability changer
* Fixes timers
* Percentage shown in monster bars
* Fix for Arena and Monster timers
* Show all open monster on the monster page
* General selector with favourites and charge info
* Fill your Elite Guard
* Healing
* Receive all gifts (+ fills the extra filter)
* Extra filter when sending gifts (Return the favour)
* Stash gold (and use Aeris if available)
* Page additions (e.g. BSI on keep page, percentage in guild battle…)
* Several fixes for names with apostrophes
* No more cut off screens
* Facebook bar, stats and navigation fixed on top
* Themes (JQuery UI)
* ….

VER: Finally back to life 😉

版本: 用户评分:4.68(5分满分) 此版本下载量:4086

大小:399KiB 此版本最后更新时间:2013年11月23日



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CAGE – Castle Age Game Enhancer [β]_v1.4.0.10